The Painter's Dream


Night after night, the King and Queen were bored looking at the dark and empty sky out their castle window. So, they asked a young painter who worked in the castle to paint a different picture for them outside their window for them to see something new every night.

The painter poured out her artistic talent and created masterpieces of different colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. The first night, she painted triangles of different sizes. The couple was happy but wanted something else. The next night, the young painter made circles, but still the couple wanted something else. Squares, rectangles, straight lines, curved lines of different lengths followed. Still, the King and Queen wanted something else.

After nights of hard work, will the tired painter finally create an artwork that the royal couple will want?

The Painter's Dream is a fantasy story that shows how the heavens moon, sun, and stars were created. Here, author-artist Debora Gillman’s stunning collection of artworks is highlighted. The intentional repetition of colors and shapes in the text makes this story an educational tool in the arts while the bright illustrations enhance the text.